Lessons Learned from Customer Development with a 5 year old

Over the weekend, I watched my two sons play with the existing batch of Bitbeam beams. They kept trying to connect the beams to their existing Lego bricks, but couldn’t, since the Bitbeam’s through holes were too small. With that wee bit of customer development now simmering in my brain, it’s time to do a new design experiment — make the holes bigger!

I’ve upped the current hole size from 1/8 inch to 4.8mm — the exact width of a Technic through hole. Since I’m working with basswood here, and not the usual ABS plastic that Lego is made from, I was worried that these larger holes would be too close to the edge and make the beams too fragile. But so far, it’s looking good. 

I should post my design files and start talking about the dev tool chain. (Short version: OpenSCAD -> Export to DXF -> Walk over to TechShop SF -> Import to CorelDRAW -> Cut!) Longer version will come in the future posts.


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1 Response to Lessons Learned from Customer Development with a 5 year old

  1. Joy Livingwell says:

    Gridbeam is all about interchangeability, so I think you’re onto something here!The original gridbeam was sized to work well with standard US building material sizes, such as "two-by" wooden beams and 4 x 8 foot sheet materials such as plywood.In this case you want your beams to work with Technic, so making the holes the same size seems like a good move.JoyGridbeamSolutions.com

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