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Ta-done! (Almost.) My bitbeam-based CNC machine (aka “bitbeambot”) is now mechanics-complete. The physical structure is done, and now it’s time to focus on the electronics and software. The galactic premiere and live demo of the bitbeambot playing… Continue reading

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Bitbeam at the Open Hardware Summit (or, Robots that Play Angry Birds)

I’m off to NYC today for the Open Hardware Summit. Yeah! I just submitted (5 minutes before the deadline! Phew!) my entry to the Open Hardware scholarship contest. Here’s the description I included in the contest entry: Project Description: Bitbea… Continue reading

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The Next Step

Time for an update of the goings-on in the Bitbeam Basement. Last week, I purchased some stepper motors from Jameco (Part #: 155460). I went with bipolar instead of unipolar based on what I read on the RepRap wiki page about steppers — bipolar st… Continue reading

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