Bitbeam at the Open Hardware Summit (or, Robots that Play Angry Birds)

I’m off to NYC today for the Open Hardware Summit. Yeah!

I just submitted (5 minutes before the deadline! Phew!) my entry to the Open Hardware scholarship contest. Here’s the description I included in the contest entry:

Project Description
Bitbeam is an experiment to combine my two favorite prototyping tools: balsa/basswood and Lego. The idea is to miniaturize grid beam and make it Lego Technic compatible. 

As with Lego, you can build anything with bitbeam. My first bitbeam project is to build a CNC machine, but with a twist. My background is in software testing, so I’m building a machine out of bitbeam that can test applications on actual mobile hardware, using the Selenium automation API.

Comments welcome!

[Update: Voting is over. Results are at OHSummit. Bitbeam didn’t win. 😦 But thank you to all who voted! 🙂 ]

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2 Responses to Bitbeam at the Open Hardware Summit (or, Robots that Play Angry Birds)

  1. Anonymous says:

    You read it here first. The borderline genius / lunatic who created Selenium when the management chain said it couldn’t and shouldn’t be done is about to do it again. This one is going to be even more fun to watch.

  2. Jeremy says:

    This guy made me dream, this project seems to be an awesome project !!! I really like it 😉

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