bitPad – Open Source iPad Stand


bitPad is an inexpensive and easy to build iPad stand made with Bitbeam. Although it’s very simple, it shows you some of the fun things you can do with Bitbeam.

Here are the parts you need:


It’s popular with the kids!


I posted more detailed assembly pictures to the bitPad photo set on Flickr.

When I started the Bitbeam project in July, I didn’t focus on how to make money from it. It was more of an art project that had to get out of my head and into the real world. However, people keep asking me when I’m going to start selling kits. I’m pretty busy these days with my awesome startup, but I think it might be fun to make a few Bitbeam kits, get ’em out in the world, and start growing the Bitbeam community. So, if you’re interested in buying a bitPad kit, please provide your email address in the form below. Kits are $6. Shipping for up to 4 kits is $5 to anywhere in the USA. (It would make an excellent stocking stuffer!) I’ll probably keep the first batch limited to about 25 kits. So act now! 🙂

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